Sunday, August 9, 2009

OSU wins Big Ten Opener 35-21

Heyward recorded two sacks and four tackles for loss on the day

Terrelle Pryor had another bad day throwing the ball, but the Buckeye Running game was enough to win this one. Herron ran for 113 yards on 18 carries, scoring twice. Pryor added a sneak from the one, and Brandon Saine topped the hundred yard mark on only 10 carries, going for 107 and a score. Coach Griffin seems to have abandoned the passing game in the past couple weeks. Hopefully, recent changes will lead to more opportunities for Pryor to air it out. We'll have to see what coach Griffin has in store.

The Illini offense made a number of plays, but in the end, the Buckeye defense was too much. Williams couldn't get out of the pocket to run, and when he passed, he couldn't get the ball to Regis Benn, his number one guy, due to almost constant double coverage. Add an interception by linebacker Austin Spitler, and a defensive touchdown on a fumble recovery by corner Andre Amos, and the Bucks had all the cushion they needed to ride this one out. A late score one a Juice Williams pass made it look closer than it really was. The Buckeyes handled the Illini with relative ease.