Friday, August 21, 2009

BUckeyes win in Bloomington, 31-7

The Buckeyes traveled to Bloomington, Indiana and handed the Hoosiers their fourth loss of the season. Once again, the Buckeye passing game was lackluster at best, as Pryor seemed to hit Hoosier defenders more often than Buckeye receivers. The receiving corps didn't help much, though, dropping a number of balls that should have been caught. Even the sure-handed Dane Sanzenbacher dropped two, one on a wide open third down pass over the middle.

And once again, the Buckeye defense and the running game got it done. The play of the game came when Buckeye defensive tackle Dexter Larimore sacked Hoosier QB Ben Chappell, who coughed up the ball right in front of linebacker Tyler Moeller, who scooped it up and ran 78 yards for the score.

The Buckeyes ran the ball late, and secured the win. Next week, the Badgers of Wisconsin come to town.