Monday, July 27, 2009

Buckeyes Win Opener 31-3

Posey was behind the defense all day

Ohio State did what Ohio State fans expected them to - they won the home opener with solid defense and timely, if sometimes frustrating offense. Ohio State stuffed up the option run game of the Army Black Knights, and got the win.

While the offense managed 351 total yards, the Army defense made a number of big plays on the Buckeyes, sacking Terrelle Pryor twice, and catching the Buckeyes in the backfield on a number of occasions. Though Ohio State rushed for 140 yards in the game, they needed 40 carries to get that number, averaging less than four yards a carry. Not quite a disappointment, but nothing to brag about. However, the Buckeye defense gave up only 59 yards on the ground, and only 41 in the air, so the home team found itself in good field position more often than not.

Perhaps the best play of the game came off the arm of Terrelle Pryor, who hit Sophomore Devier Posey in the corner of the end zone on a fade route in the second quarter. If Pryor can pass with this kind of touch on a consistent basis, he could have a special year.

As a whole, it was a decent showing. The defense was spectacular, and the offense was adequate. But when the big boys in the Big Ten start coming to town, a similar performance probably won't be enough to get the job done. But for now, both the coach and fans seem satisfied with the effort. Next week, we'll see what USC thinks about it.

Buckeyes Sign Two!

The Buckeyes reached into the top 250 recruit list and snatched two guys, a quarterback and a corner. Eddie Woods, from Akron, is listed as the #29 defensive back in this year's recruiting class. He's a big kid at 203 lbs against a 5'11" frame, but his speed doesn't seem to be affected by this (B+ SPD), as he still runs in the 4.4 range, and tends to excel in man coverage schemes (B MCV).

Quarterback Patrick King, from St. Clair Shores in Michigan, is a bit of a project. He's got good skills all around, but doesn't seem to have the wow-factor that really impresses the scouts. His arm strength and accuracy are above average, and so is his ability to avoid the rush, but he likely won't challenge for a starting job for a few years.

Coach Griffin admitted, though a bit grudgingly, that it is likely both will redshirt in their first year on campus. "But you never know," he said, "These guys just might be able to push a few starters, if they really apply themselves. We'll just wait and see."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Striking the Pose?

Might we see this from Terrelle?

No Buckeye fan could ever forget the day that Desmond Howard struck the Heisman pose in the end zone during the Ohio State - Michigan game in 1991. This year, the Buckeyes just might be planning a little revenge. Second-year quarterback Terrelle Pryor might just be a serious Heisman candidate this year, and if he is, and he scores in the big game, he might just exorcise the Desmond-Demon by putting his stamp on the award in Ann Arbor, hopefully in the same end zone, and in the same spot where Howard made history 18 years ago. When asked about it, Pryor just grinned:

We have a long way to go before we have to worry about any of that stuff, but it would be nice to shut those guys up by winning our sixth straight against them. Right now, I'm just concentrating on putting us in a position to win.

Don't bet on it, folks. Tressel might have coached up Terrelle's interview skills, but we see through it. Expect the pose if the Buckeyes win.

Or will this be enough for Buckeye fans?

Preseason Video

Just a little something to get me thinking about football, and that school up north.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Nicklaus Dots the "I"

I was at this game. Jack's pretty much the man around these parts, so this was a pretty cool day. Jack's reaction pretty much says it all.